Ayurveda Massage

Massage in India, is seen as a very therapeutic and essential practise. In the rural villages it is very common for massage between family members to be a weekly, if not daily occurrence. The benefits of massage are understood greatly and learning the process and skills to offer others is a passage to adulthood for many. There is immense joy from giving deeply therapeutic massages to others, and being able to offer that healing treatment is an honour.
Massage works on both physical and mental levels. Looking at it from the physical point of view first; massage helps the immune, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, muscular, skeletal, digestive and lymphatic systems. You can see how massage works hand in hand with ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Physically we can feel utterly invigorated, relaxed and glowing after a good ayurveda massage. Mentally we feel the sense of letting go. Relaxed and safe, letting the mind open up and allowing the heart to follow. It is much more than just making those achey muscles feel relaxed. Both aspects of massage encompass the overall aim of allowing the body to heal. To open up, let go and heal.

Benefits of Massage;

• Jarahar – removes old age
• Shram Har – removes fatigue
• Vata Har – removes excess wind
• Drishti Prasad Kar – improves eyesight
• Pushti Kar – strengthens the body
• Ayus Kar – Increases longevity
• Swapna Kar – induces sleep and dreams
• Twak Dridh Kar – strengthens the skin
• Klesh Sahattwa – aids resistance to disharmony and disease
• Vata-Kapha Nirodhak – soothes ailments caused by wind and mucus
• Mrija Varn Bal Prad – improves the colour and texture of the skin

Ayurveda massage uses warm oils to create a smooth, warm touch. Other benefits of using ayurveda massage oils include:

• Softens, soothes, stabilises and nourishes the body
• Lubricates against friction (friction can create heat and aggravate dosha)
• Disperses heat evenly
• Provides a smooth luster to the skin
• Strengthens resistance to extremes of temperatures in the environment
• Relieves pain, inflammation and swelling
• Massage oils have excellent absorption, hydration and healing properties

The type of oils are chosen specifically to the clients constitution and imbalances where appropriate. The oils help to stimulate healing, and create a calmness along with the massage techniques used. There are two main aims of ayurveda massage. They are to stimulate digestion and eliminate toxins. By stimulating digestion we actively create a healthy system throughout. This is also the main aim of the nutrition recommendations. Everything begins with the body’s digestive system, the agni.

As the lymphatic system becomes stimulated by the massage and the oils, the blood chemistry is invigorated and the massage process is actively helping the body to cleanse itself by expelling toxins. This is through the natural process of sweat and urination.
During the ayurveda massage, the focus will be on;

• Abyanga (oil application)
• Massage techniques
• Marma point stimulation
• Chakra massage
• Pinda Sweda (hot poultices)


Marma points in the human body are similar to pressure points in other health sciences such as Chinese Acupuncture. They are spread throughout the body at important junctions between ligaments, vessels, muscles, bones and joints. There are 107 marma points throughout the human body. Eleven are located on each leg, eleven on each arm, twelve in the chest and abdomen, fourteen are on the back leaving thirty seven in the neck and head. Stimulating the marma during massage with gentle pressure will allow toxins to be released and eliminated from the body.