The seven centres of Vital Life Force (prana) running down the spinal column, interrelated with the nervous system and the endocrine glands. The chakra are subtle centres of consciousness linking the human body with the universal source of intelligence. By tuning in with the chakra, you are connecting to the universe and eliminating physical, mental and spiritual imbalances. Human beings are said to be made like an open book with endless possibilities. Tune the chakra to connect with the whole universe.
When the chakra is purified, the energy will come into our bodies. But psychological clutter often limits and blocks the channels. Massage is a good way to help open and balance the chakra, along with other techniques and a healthy balanced ayurveda diet and lifestyle routine.

The Seven Chakra

Muladhara – Earth element; located at the base of the spine
Swadhisthana – Water element; located in the lower stomach
Manipura – Fire element; located in the solar plexus
Anahata – Air element; located in the heart
Vishudha – Ether element; located in the throat
Ajna – Ether element; located at the third eye
Sahasrara – Ether element; located above the head